Injuries & Extensive Care

Healing you back to health

What is Injuries & Extensive care?

An extensive care unit is one that comes under the collaboration of many different doctors and experts. It’s a unique way of delivering quality healthcare services according to the nature and depth of the injury and accident.

It’s based on your personal health issues, history, and concerns.

Injuries Extensive care is about finding a customized plan to suit your unique medical needs. An extensive care unit comprises of many doctors who collaborate to assess your condition and deliver the best results based on their wide spectrum of health skills. Injuries may include bone injuries, cartilage, and skin injuries along with muscle injuries.


Extensive Care Makes All the Difference

Severe burns

Advanced care for severe burns to promote healing and prevent complications by our specialized team.

Fractures and dislocations

Comprehensive care for fractures and dislocations to ensure proper healing and recovery

Infection from untreated injuries and foreign bodies

Prompt treatment of infections caused by untreated injuries and foreign bodies to prevent further complications

Abdominal pains

Relief for abdominal pains through our expert services

Asthma and asthmatic attacks

Effective treatment of asthma and asthmatic attacks through our specialized services.

Muscle pulls such as sprains/ cramping

Expert treatment for muscle sprains, cramping, and other pulls to get you back to full mobility

Partnering with You for a Speedy Recovery

At Dallas Premier- Primary & Urgent Care, our top priority is to alleviate your pain.
We provide a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs and health concerns of
every individual. Based on the severity of your injury and symptoms, our physicians offer
optimal healthcare solutions. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the recovery
process with careful attention. Our extensive care services for various injuries may

X-ray imaging


Oral and topical medications

Lab testing

Bandages and casting

Choose the right doctor is a crucial step in achieving your health goals.
When choosing a primary care practitioner, several factors must be taken
into consideration, including your age, health history, location, and wellness
objectives. It’s vital to choose a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and
who is easily accessible when you require medical attention. It’s important
to find a physician who encourages you to enhance your overall quality of life.

Your Family Health Benefits Simplified

Specialized Medical Checkup Online

Through online video consultations and prescriptions, you can get urgent care with
telehealth care.
Get an appointment as soon as possible!

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