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Primary family care is a patient’s first contact with the health care system when medical assistance is needed.
A large portion of primary care deals with unforeseen injuries, most of which do not affect long-term health: it could be viral flu or a minor fracture. We at Dallas Premier- Primary & Urgent Care understand that everyone has unique health and wellness needs and provide precise primary treatment services and attention to all our patients.

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Family Care Specialities at Dallas Premier Care

General Health Aid

Keeps you aware of your

Chronic Illness Treatment

Helps in detecting chronic illness at an early stage.

Wellness Councelling

Helps in managing any existing health issue

Acute Illness Diagnosis

Can provide quick treatment for fever, flu, cough

Disease Prevention

Provides basic guidlines to prevent any disease or infection

Trust Building

By regular check ups you trust your primary health care provider

Your Health Is Our Priority

Providing you with the best Primary Healthcare

Our knowledgeable staff at Dallas Premium- Primary & Urgent Care provides definitive care to patients at the first
point of contact as well as ongoing care for a full and effective recovery. In physical and telehealth
settings, Dallas Premium care may include both acute and chronic care. There are four broad categories
of primary care physicians.

Family Medicine

Internal Medicine


A crucial step in achieving your health objectives is choosing the right doctor. There are several factors
to consider when choosing a primary care doctor for you, age, medical history, location, and wellness
objectives. Always choose a doctor with whom you feel at ease and who can be reached quickly when
you need them. Dallas Premier- Primary & Urgent Care provides doctors who will help you improve your quality of
life as a whole.

Your Family Health Benefits Simplified

Specialized Medical Checkup Online

Through online video consultations and prescriptions, you can get urgent care with telehealth care.
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