Thyroid Disorders

Managing Disorders for a Balanced Life

Thyroid Disorders: What You Need to Know

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that produces
hormones that regulate metabolism and other bodily functions. When the thyroid gland produces too much or too little of these hormones, it can result in a range of rare thyroid disorders that affect millions of people worldwide. At Dallas Premier Primary and Urgent Care, we provide specialist for thyroid disorder management solutions to help our patients regulate their hormones and also regain control of their health.

Types of Thyroid Disorders: Identifying Symptoms and Causes

There are several types of thyroid disease, each with its own set of symptoms and causes. Some of the most common types of thyroid disorders include:

Identifying the symptoms and causes of your thyroid disorder is critical in developing a
treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Our doctor who treats thyroid disorder also can help
you understand your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Medication and Lifestyle Management for Thyroid Disorder Patients

Managing thyroid disorders often requires a combination of medication management and lifestyle modifications. At Dallas Premier Primary and Urgent Care, our experienced medical professionals work closely with each patient to develop a personalized medication and lifestyle management plan that takes into account their unique needs and lifestyle. We’ll help you understand your
medications and provide advice on lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise, so you can manage your thyroid disease and improve your overall health.

Thyroid Disorder Symptoms: Know What to Look for

It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms, which may include:

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